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Cost of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

How Much Does A Lawsuit Cost?

One of the biggest concerns many people have after an accident is, what is the cost of a personal injury lawsuit? You may already have mounting medical bills and other expenses. Adding legal fees to that can seem daunting.

When you invest your trust in DeLuca & Associates, LTD we make an investment in you and obtaining a positive outcome in your personal injury case. You pay us no upfront fees. We use our resources to help you achieve your goals.

We handle all personal injury cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts on a contingency fee basis. This means, if we accept your case and you choose to have our lawyers represent you, you will not have to worry about paying for legal expenses until we recover compensation for your injuries, damages and losses. To learn more about our firm, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with our established and dedicated legal team.

We Are Invested In The Outcome Of Your Case

Not only do we pay for the cost of investigating and preparing your case, but we do not charge any fees by the hour to negotiate with insurers and communicate with all relevant parties. Our services include hiring expert witnesses, when necessary, to help us prepare the strongest case possible for aggressive settlement negotiations or reaching a jury award. We put our skills, experience and resources behind every case we take on because we believe in helping people seek justice when they have been harmed.

How Much Does A Skilled Providence Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

If we do not help you recover money damages in a negotiated settlement or by winning in court, you will not pay attorneys fees. It is that simple.

However, upon successful resolution of your case, we will deduct our expenses. This can include:

The hiring of the medical experts
Other costs of trial preparation
Reasonable attorney fees
Preparing for a case is expensive and there is no guarantee when it comes to the outcome. That is why we do not take on every case. We are selective about what kinds of cases we take on, but when we do, we go the distance. If this sounds like the kind of representation you feel your accident situation needs, we encourage you to speak with us.
Contact DeLuca & Associates, LTD today for an immediate and free evaluation of your personal injury case. Our experienced lawyers provide sophisticated and effective legal services to clients from Providence to Boston.

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