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Infection In Hospitals

When The Hospital Causes Your Illness

Hospitals have the potential to serve as breeding grounds for infection. That is why medical facilities, their employees and the doctors who practice there must follow strict procedures to avoid patients getting infected and respond to any cases of infection that arise.

At the law firm of DeLuca & Associates, LTD in Providence, our Rhode Island hospital infection attorneys pursue claims on behalf of infected patients and their families. To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated medical malpractice lawyer, contact us today.

Did The Hospital Cause Or Contribute To Your Infection?

There are a number of different situations in which a hospital patient can develop a staph infection or other serious infection due to hospital negligence. If you were harmed by an infection under any of the following circumstances, you may have a medical malpractice claim:

Prior To Hospitalization:

If you had an infection when you arrived at the hospital and were treated for other injuries but not for the infection, it may be possible to hold the hospital accountable for failing to diagnose your condition.

As A Result Of Treatment:

Surgical procedures and other treatments can make the body susceptible to infection. You may have a claim if you were infected because your doctor failed to properly control an opening in the skin or other potential infection point.

As A Result Of Hospitalization:

Long-term hospitalization can leave patients vulnerable to bed sores and other potential sources of infection. Doctors, nurses and hospitals can be held accountable for failing to take the appropriate steps in these circumstances. It is very difficult to prove that a medical provider is responsible for the consequences of a patient’s infection. Our team of experienced trial lawyers and qualified nurses works with cutting-edge technology and credible expert witnesses to document our clients’ cases.

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