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Car Accidents

Proactive Representation After A Car Crash

Every day millions of people across the country get in their cars to drive to work, school or home, and every day thousands of those people are in car accidents. At DeLuca & Associates, LTD. our attorneys protect the rights of people who have suffered an auto accident injury. We actively investigate the accident scene, taking surveys and interviewing witnesses in order to obtain all information relevant to accident reconstruction. We make sure every variable is considered, including visibility and the type of pavement.

Our lawyers handle car accidents on all major interstate highways from Providence to Boston, including Interstates 95, 295, 195, 495 and 90. Interstate collisions are the most dangerous accidents, because they occur at such high speeds. Contact us for more information about our recovery techniques.

Car Accidents Significant Injuries Practice Areas

Putting The Pieces Back Together

Proper accident reconstruction is one of the most important parts of understanding car accidents. We work with medical experts, engineers and reconstructionist to come up with a complete picture of what happened to a car accident victim. We use the latest technology, satellite images and computer programs to create lifelike car accident animations and recreations. These animations accurately simulate the distance, speeds and measures of an accident and put it into a format that jurors can easily understand.

Types Of Accidents

Every car accident is different, and our firm takes the time to investigate the particulars of each case. Some of the more common motor vehicle accidents include:
Highway accidents
SUV rollovers
Pedestrian struck
Tire blowouts

Serious Injuries And Wrongful Death

Car accidents at any speed can result in serious injuries such as spinal trauma and closed head injuries. We help victims and their families get the financial and medical help they need during this difficult time. Our legal team also helps to address the needs of families who have lost a loved one in an auto accident. In these cases, we are able to file a wrongful death suit against the negligent party.

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