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Why DeLuca & Associates, LTD

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When we go to a doctor, dentist or other health care professional, we place our health and our lives in his or her hands. We have a right to expect the highest levels of professional diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients are injured or lose their lives because of doctors’ mistakes or insufficient medical care on the part of the clinic or hospital providing care. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious and life-changing injury and financial loss because of medical care that failed to meet the expected standards, you have the law on your side. Justice demands that you talk to an experienced personal injury trail lawyer at DeLuca & Associates, LTD. Attorneys at Law.

DeLuca & Associates, LTD attorneys have earned a national reputation for providing successful, intelligent advocacy for individuals injured by sub-standard medical care. We also represent people injured by pharmaceuticals, medical products and device manufacturers. Contact us for a free consultation. We empower people to hold medical professionals and hospitals accountable for breaking the rules.

A Team Of Medical Malpractice Litigation Professionals On Your Side

Putting together a successful medical malpractice team requires an in-depth understanding of the medical issues that the jury will be confronted with. Our on-staff nurses are seasoned medical professionals who will help us understand and establish the cause of the injury you received. To do this, they will need to speak to you at length. They must also probe into your medical history and your medical records to determine the extent to which those records provide a basis for us to prove that your serious, permanent injury was the result of substandard medical care.

Our attorneys will confer with our nurses to review your case and your records to determine whether we have sufficient material to proceed. If we can confirm the significance of the injury and that the likely cause was substandard care, then we’ll discuss what we may be able to prove in court. If we decide that you have a case, we’ll immediately assemble our team and aggressively begin the process of preparing your case.

Why DeLuca & Associates, LTD? Because We Are Not A Typical Law Firm

Cases involving medical care that does not meet expected standards is different from the practice of law involving other personal injuries. Our attorneys understand that if you have been permanently harmed by a trusted institution you feel betrayed by the system — and you want the problem fixed. We are highly selective about the cases we accept because we don’t believe that medical malpractice lawsuits can ever be just about the money. We are seeking justice on our clients’ behalf, while working to improve the quality of health care in the United States. If we represent you, be assured that we will give you a voice in the courtroom.
That’s why we do this. We seek to level the playing field for the average person who must take on the medical establishment. We will fight intelligently, strategically and aggressively to win your case. Because of our detailed preparation and our extensive experience in this field, we are successful a large percentage of our cases. Simply put, we tell the human story of the tragedy that results from sub-standard medical care. When a juror can understand the disregard for patient care and the injury that it causes, that juror will make sure that the patient who was injured will be fully compensated. Few lawyers can do it better than DeLuca & Associates, LTD.

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