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Eye Surgery Malpractice

An Error Can Damage Your Vision

Eye surgery improves the vision of hundreds of thousands of people every year, but it is also a very risky type of medical procedure. Doctors who make errors during eye surgery or talk their patients into it unnecessarily could be doing them serious harm.

At the Providence law firm of DeLuca & Associates, LTD. our experienced Rhode Island eye surgery malpractice lawyers help patients pursue medical malpractice claims against negligent ophthalmologists. To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated attorney, contact us today.

Pursuing Claims For Injuries During Eye Surgery

Ophthalmologists and other doctors who perform eye surgery are required to follow strict professional standards when it comes to the appropriateness of the surgeries that they recommend for their patients and the procedures they follow during surgery.

Holding Ophthalmologists Accountable For Negligence

When they fail to follow those standards and their patients get injured as a result, they can be held accountable for malpractice. Some major types of eye surgery that can result in malpractice claims include the following:

Lasik Eye Surgery:

Laser refractive eye surgery is widely advertised as a convenient and affordable means of vision correction, but it can have serious side effects when performed improperly, including reduced vision and dry eye syndrome.

Cataract Surgery:

When cataract surgery is not performed correctly, patients can suffer infection or other complications, or their vision may not improve and may even get worse. Any of these consequences can be the basis for a malpractice claim.

Glaucoma Surgery:

The consequences of improperly performed glaucoma surgery can include hemorrhaging and loss of vision. In addition, misdiagnosis of glaucoma can cause patients to undergo risky surgery unnecessarily.

Our attorneys and nurses are experienced at documenting our clients’ malpractice claims with the help of cutting-edge technology and credible expert testimony. We are fully prepared to take your case to trial in order to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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If you’ve been injured due to eye surgery malpractice, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your potential claim with an experienced trial lawyer. You can also call us at (401) 453-1500 toll free. We will not charge you any fees unless we help you recover money damages.