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Burn Injuries

Representation For Burn Injuries

Your skin is your largest organ, and every day it is your body’s first line of defense against dangerous toxins and other elements. Auto accidents and construction accidents can result in fires and exposure to other dangerous chemicals that result in burning and permanent skin damage. At DeLuca & Associates, LTD we help burn victims maximize their medical and financial recovery, so they can make as full a return to normalcy as possible.

Construction site explosions, chemical exposures and electrical shocks can be very powerful, causing severe burns that result in death. Our lawyers protect burn victims and their families, handling a variety of construction and auto accident claims, including wrongful death. If you have been a burn victim, contact us today and maximize your settlement opportunities.

We represent burn victims who have been injured due to a variety of circumstances. Second degree burns can be the result of home fires, electrocution or auto accidents, and cause long-lasting damage.

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Second, Third And Fourth Degree Burn Injuries Are Often The Result Of:

Warehouse fires
Oil tank fires
Truck fires
Chemical exposure
Chemical explosions
Cleaning chemicals
Detergent used for washing walls
Improper mixing with a chemical
Mixing solvents
A burn victim may feel the effects of their skin burn injury for the rest of their life. Chemical burns, fire burns, and electrical burns all have different characteristics, but they are all dangerous. Our legal team works with medical, construction, electrical and fire experts to make sure our clients get the best possible settlement after their fire burn injury.

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