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Dedicated Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Attorneys in New England Fighting For

The Rights Of The Injured

With over $100,000,000 awarded to our clients and their families, our attorneys have a proven track record of successful courtroom victories.

Serving The People Of New England For Over 40 Years

Deluca & Associates is Open, Fully Operational and Continues to Serve Its Clients During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

The health and safety of its clients and staff are of the utmost importance. To that end, and in accordance with Rhode Island COVID-19 prevention guidelines, we have implemented new parameters to ensure we can safely serve our clients. To read more on this and how our court system is currently functioning, please click here.

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Creative Strategies
And Courtroom Advocacy

At DeLuca & Associates, LTD. our team of Rhode Island personal injury lawyers is dedicated to providing quality legal representation to the victims of serious injuries that should have been avoided. Our attorneys have broad legal experience and deep roots in the community.

We have a proven record of success at obtaining just compensation for our clients. Our honesty, integrity, passion for justice and creative approach have earned us a reputation for excellence in advocacy that is reflected in major awards and recognitions we have received.

Practice Areas

Medical Negligence is The Third Leading Cause of Death in The United States Behind Heart Disease and Cancer.

DeLuca & Associates concentrates in the field of medical negligence. We are experts at demonstrating to a judge and jury that doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals sometimes make mistakes. Our job is to investigate, understand and demonstrate to a jury that a medical professional did something wrong, something outside the standard of care, and that mistake caused serious and permanent injury to the patient. If we can convince a court the mistake caused serious and permanent injury because of medical negligence, we have a case.

Not A Single Lawyer,
But an Entire Team of Experts

From your first meeting, we deploy the team that will enable us to convince a jury that medical negligence caused a significant and permanent injury. The work of our legal team begins with a detailed consultation with one of our staff nurses. Over time, we will employ some of the best experts in the appropriate fields of medicine to support your case. By the time of trial, you can be sure that you will have met our entire office staff.

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The People

Injustice anywhere is a threat to
justice everywhere.

-Martin Luther King

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While our practice is located in Rhode Island, we also handle a substantial number of cases in Massachusetts. Unlike some Boston-based and law firms advertising in our area, we are extensively familiar with the local courts and trial procedures.

The goal of Our firm is to hold wrongdoers accountable for the consequences of their actions. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact us at our offices in Providence to schedule a free consultation.

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Dedicated Advocates and
Community Partners

As proud partners of the Rhode Island Center for Justice, we are dedicated to accomplishing social change. We understand that not every case can lead to widespread lifestyle improvement, but by focusing attention on wage justice, tenant rights and utility termination, we can seek justice for Rhode Island workers and families one household at a time. Our attorneys are determined to strengthen legal guidance and representation by partnering with community groups and various outreach organizations.

What Do Clients Say About DeLuca & Associates, LTD?

Danny Pearce | Catastrophic Birth Injury

“The firm is big enough to have the resources to take on a large case and the fortitude to stick to it for a long time to get the best result. My daughter’s case went on for four years. Before we settled, they enlisted numerous experts, and not a penny came out of our pocket. It’s not just a job for them; they care about each case, and they’re passionate. They still check in on my daughter to make sure we’re getting the services we need.”

Robin Fowler | Delayed Diagnosis of Brain Injury

“They cared. Before the case with my daughter settled, they really helped me…and opened a lot of doors with doctors to help my daughter. Because of the outcome, she’ll be set for life. At one point, they flew to our home in Orlando, Florida just to reassure me. They don’t cut corners and they spare no expense.”

Elaine Layton | Failure To Diagnore Innfection

“Just before we went to trial on my husband’s case, he passed away. It was a very emotional experience. I was worried that we were not going to win, and that they would not be paid for all their work. They had boxes and boxes of paperwork, but they knew exactly what each piece was all about. It was a very complicated case, but we won a jury verdict. I felt taken care of.”

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